Exactly One Month Out

Today marks exactly one month until the wedding.

It is also the RSVP deadline for our guests. We sent out 105 invitations, I have received 52 RSVP cards back.
(To be fair, a lot of people have told me via email or phone, but there are still quite a few that I'll be calling/emailing this week.)

So, remember that 200 person wedding I was freaking out about? Well, it's likely going to be a 130 person wedding, including babies and children (unless for some miraculous reason I get 50 yes RSVPs.) Much more manageable!

I've also become addicted to seat planner on Wedding Wire. I don't want to tell anyone where they are sitting for fear that they will stare daggers at me and push me to a dramatic nervous breakdown, the kind you see on Say Yes to the Dress and think "wow, that is never going to be me."

Deep breaths.


Anonymous said...

I think I am going to get a power rush with seat assignments. I know it stresses most couples out, and maybe I'll look back on these words with a hearty chuckle. But I look forward to it!

Mo said...

@hitchdied: Oh yeah I totally have a power rush. I also think I'm over thinking seat assignments and making it harder on myself. I'm trying to match people up based on their personalities and what they like, like "oh! Bob likes comic books! And so does Joe! They will definitely want to sit next to each other!" But in reality who knows if they'll actually like each other haha.

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

OMG, only one month to go!! Yippee, it's getting so close. We had a lot of late RSVPs, too. Most of them were people I knew were coming - like my MOH and family members...but it was still annoying because I needed their meal selections, and it delayed the seating chart, too! I hope everyone responds ASAP.

Mo said...

@The Less Than Domestic Goddess: Me too! Luckily ours is a buffet so they don't need to tell us what they want to eat. That must have been really annoying to have to keep track of, I'm sorry!

julia::ordinarysaturdays said...

The hard part of the seating chart for me was limiting the number of people at each table, because I had to split up otherwise compatible groups.

You enjoy your power trip. :) I'm sure everyone will be just fine wherever you put them. I'm feeling bad for you about the missing RSVPs, though. What's wrong with people?

Mo said...

@julia: I don't know, it's a little disheartening after all the work (and the stamps) but then I stop and realize that not everyone has gone through this and doesn't know what it's like and isn't in the know about weddings. For all they know, those hearts came pre-punched (gawd, I never want to punch another heart again in my life!)
For the people that did RSVP on time with clear legible handwriting (one person even used red to match the RSVP card!) I am grateful.

Amberdawn said...

One month! So exciting!

Miss Mayhem said...

Aaaahhhhh!!! So close!!! I can't wait!

honey my heart said...

yay for one more month!! it is gonna go by so fast, but be so fun. :)

buhdoop said...

Whoo hoo! I am so glad we are going through this together! We still need to do the seating charts. I was also getting freaked out about our 50 person wedding turning into a 100 person wedding, but now it seams that we are back down to around 60!

Silver Strands said...

Ooooh ... Good luck! Weddings are fabulous, but a bit crazy. Here's hoping the crazy gets left behind for you :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Eekk, 1 month! Thanks goodness for buffet and I threw caution to the win and made seating open - luckily it worked!

blushingjoy said...

Oooh laa, one more month!! Less actually since I'm late. I had this crazy idea of seating people from different groups on each table so everyone can make new friends but read somewhere that it was sooo not a good idea. I can't remember why now but thought you might like to know. Bet you can't wait for the big day now!!

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