'Say Yes to the Dress' gown for sale

[Buy this gorgeous Victorio and Lucchino gown here]

I lusted after this gown when I saw it on an episode of Say Yes to the Dress. The bride is now selling it on preownedweddingdresses for 50% off the sample sale price she paid, and since I cannot purchase it as I am getting married next week (!!!), perhaps one of you can buy this loveliness and wear it!

...Le sigh.

Yes, you are seeing the time stamp correctly. I am up at 1:30 in the morning looking at wedding dresses when I have a perfectly fine one hanging in my closet. Yes, I was even looking at dresses in my size even though there is no way I should be purchasing a wedding dress without it being completely and utterly ludicrous. Yes, this is totally crazy to be spending time on this when I have escort cards, a seating chart to tend to, gifts to wrap, and a really gross dirty apartment to clean.

I think it's time for bed. But isn't the dress so pretty?


Gaynor said...

Ha ha I was the same the week before; still looking at stuff online when I should have been cleaning our flat!

My patents came and cleaned it while we were on our honeymoon!

Bri said...

awee, I totally was in your position literally just a year ago! All I can say is too relax and have fun being creative and still simple. You're going to make a beautiful bride : )

ruthy ann said...

wow...that IS a gorgeous dress...so different.

btw...happy birthday to you too!

Amberdawn said...

Step A-WAY from the computer!

Focus on how beautiful YOUR wedding is going to be :) Rest, clean, and hustle with those escort cards! (Not all at the same time).

dethbakin said...

This dress is beautiful, but honestly Mo, I like yours better anyway. Seriously :-D

Mo said...

Thanks for the reality check girls.

@ruthy ann: Thank you! Same to you. :D

@Amberdawn: I'm totally going against your advice by writing this comment, but you're totally right--need to focus on our wedding! Need to focus on our wedding and not other people's weddings!

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

That is a pretty dress! That being said...

(a) I went crazy one month prior to our wedding and bought a rather ugly wedding dress (which I thought I needed) off eBay for $100. So, I completely understand odd online dress searches. Believe me when I say - I love your dress. You love your dress. You will look fantastic!

(b) Don't clean your apartment right now. Leave it gross until you have time post-wedding...unless you will be having guests stay with you. But even then, have someone else clean up. You have more important things to worry about! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hun! Have you decided to keep the dress or has it been sold?

Thank you!

Mo said...

@Anon: Hmm...do you mean my wedding dress or the 'Say Yes to the Dress' dress?
As for my dress, I haven't decided whether or not to sell it!

Anonymous said...

Can anybody tell me who designed the ballgown she returned for this one in "Say Yes to the Dress?" I've been trying to find out for a very long time.
If so, please e-mail me here:

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