A Healthy Dose of Alone Time

My pity party about being by myself at the dress fitting got me thinking about being alone in general. I recently told a friend that I plan to spend the night before the wedding, and my wedding-day breakfast, by myself. "Isn't there someone that can stay with you?" she asked with concern. "No, no I don't think you understand," I told her. "I WANT to be by myself."

I saw her point, I might be frazzled and want the company so I don't freak myself out talking in my head or listening to bad break-up songs on my iPod. Or maybe I won't and relish the fact that I have some time to myself to do absolutely nothing in a pretty place? In any case, 138 people in my life will be within a 30 mile radius of my location.

Someone is bound to pick up his/her cell phone and listen to my nervous talking.

Aside from the wedding day, how do you and your partner manage alone time? Does one of you like more than the other? Early on in our relationship, I was super clingy and wanted to spend every minute together. He didn't. Now I feel there is more of a balance, and I don't need to be together at all free hours of the day. In fact I think I'd go a little nuts if we were with each other all the time and on the same schedule. We try and eat together every night, but we most definitely don't go to bed at the same time. Otherwise my sleep schedule would be screwed. A healthy dose of alone time (and with other people/friends/family!) makes us both happy.

PS: what do you think I should eat for breakfast?


ruthy ann said...

This is a great post! I would recommend staying by yourself; I stayed with all my girls and I tossed and turned all night. I highly recommend taking a sleeping pill (I did not sleep a wink).

Since andy and I have been traveling together, we havent had much alone time. I was an only child, so I crave alone time...so I get up a little earlier than him most days and have "me time."

For breakfast, fruit and toast...you might not be able to handle much more bc of nerves!

anna and the ring said...

Yes to the alone time. I need it every day.

One the day, I want people close by but I want to fall asleep alone with my own thoughts and wake on my own.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

The Border or Healthy La Jolla breakfast both look great!

Alone time is great. I think we don't get that much of it since we both moved to a new place but it's still nice to have some down time to ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I get alone time because Collin works long hours. Collin gets alone time because he wakes up earlier than I do. I think alone time is necessary, but I also find myself needing less of it these days than I did in my thoroughly-single college years.

As for breakfast, I'd pick something from the menu close to what you normally eat, to avoid any digestive wonk. But it's also good to incorporate lean protein into your breakfast on a big, busy day. It'll keep you going longer. Also that menu made me crave eggs.

dethbakin said...

Hi Mo!! I am so excited for you!! I'll be thinking about you during the holiday weekend for sure.

My boyfriend and I live together, we work together, we commute together, and since we're both from thousands of miles away and we moved to California around the same time, we have most of the same friends. We spend a LOT of time together! And really, I love it, but we always try to work in alone time because otherwise we worry that we will turn into big weirdos who can only talk to each other and our cats. I go to the gym in the morning alone, and he goes in the evening. Doing school work for library school has also led to more alone time, which is good…well, it's good when it doesn't involve reading painfully tedious articles :-)

Maybe it's because I just finished dinner and am craving dessert, but a Belgian waffle sounds amazing right now!

Mo said...

@ruthy ann: I think could sacrifice my alone time if I got to travel the world! :)
Fruit and toast is a good idea, neither really gets my stomach going.

@chic n'cheap: Ok, I was totally thinking about the La Jolla breakfast because I love tomatoes and mushrooms. I'm afraid the eggs will be too much though. Knowing me I'd probably just eat them anyway haha.

@hitchdied: There are an awful lot of egg items the menu, aren't there? I had to search for the waffle and pancakes.
The boy works really long hours, so I know how that goes. Luckily we have weekends!

@dethbakin: Thanks Deth Bakin!
...You mean your boy doesn't want to read about Dublin Core in his spare time with you?? ;) Shocking.
Library school has ironically made us spend more time together because I will often use his office at work to study. It is super quiet there with lots of light, which as you know is needed if you're going to stay awake during tedious articles about attributes and facets.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

For breakfast...fruit, toast, muffins...whatever makes you happy but try to avoid too much dairy in case of tummy problems and be careful with the citric acids as well.

Alone time: yeah, we have our own things. Mr Fix It likes to go surf and will play poker online in our office for hours. I will either sit in the bedroom or living room watching tv, reading, etc or I may go watch the tv in the office just to be near him. I do whatever I want whenever I want. Though he does make some comments sometimes about me needing to hang with him more...he's silly that way. :)

Anonymous said...

I love my alone time. It's my time for doing my nails, watching my dvr episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and Gilmore Girls, and spend time on the internet, reading, or even turning my dining room into a sewing room. I could possibly do all this while he is home, but for some reason I don't.

My dream breakfast would either be a ham,egg,cheese,potato skillet with a giant dallop of cream cheese, or a fresh strawberry and banana crepe with some sweetened cream. Just don't pig out or eat pancakes.

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