Congratulations to R+M!

[Did I ever tell you about my mad tambourine skills?
Summer days circa 2003.
[L to R] Mo, Jenn, and Ro busting it out to Mariah Carey's Vision of Love.]

My college roommate and dear friend, Rosanna, just got engaged! She is the first of my friends to get married, and I am honored that I will be a bridesmaid in the wedding. It's almost like I've been reading training guides for years now due to my obsession with wedding blogs. If anyone's prepped and ready to be a bridesmaid, it's me. Although I could probably take a lesson or two from The Professional Bridesmaid!

We lived with our friend, Jenn, and the three of us occupied an old dilapidated apartment on the south side of Berkeley, CA for three years. Let's just say when I had friends visit they would say "THIS is where you LIVE?"

Ah, good times. I can't wait to make more memories in the next year while helping plan her wedding. Congratulations Rosanna! I will wear anything you want me to!


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Congrats to Rosanna! And Yay to you on being a bridesmaid. Rosanna - You read it here...Mo's willing to wear ANYTHING.

p.s.Thanks for the shoutout.

Mo said...

LOL...oh dear. =)

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