Picking a Party

Oh boy, the bridal party. Or bridal brigade. Or group of people close to us who will walk down the aisle and stand up with us and do lots of things to help us out because they looooove us.

We had a tough time with this concept. We probably came up with every possible scenario in the book--large party (around 12 people), medium party (about 8 people), siblings only party, and for a while it was "to hell with it! Why do we even need one!" which resulted in a couple weeks of no party. [As a side note, on brides.com they will tell you in the etiquette section that you NEED bridesmaids. Really brides.com? Do I really? I'd like to see you stop me.]

After much discussion, we've come to a compromise which will hopefully keep us sane and make things simple.

We're keeping it all in the family in terms of a bridal party--my two older sisters and his younger brother will stand up with us. My adorable niece will be the flower girl. And of course our parents and my grandmother will walk down the aisle as well.

But we didn't want to leave out close friends, so I've asked my two close friends from college to give a toast, and we're planning to ask other friends to be ushers and one person to be our officiant. We have yet to decide who that might be.

I'm really happy with this decision. My sisters are my best friends, and as older sisters, they have really helped me out throughout my entire life. I want them to be up there with me.
[Another side note: everyone thinks we look alike. Even the boy confused me with sister 1 in a photo! I hope people actually know who I am the day of my wedding.]

Yay for another decision made! Venue? Check! Photographer? Check! Dress? Check!

Maids of Honor/Bridesmaids/Awesome People We Love/My Sisters and Confidantes? Check!

[Sister 2 and sister 1 last summer]

[Sister 1 getting married! Wasn't her bouquet gorgeous? Notice she's fixing my necklace, since I clearly can't dress myself, while sister 2 gives her the "are you kidding?" staredown. Image from Gelston Dwight.]


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Ok, seriously, you guys DEFINITELY look alike! so cute. I think you made a great decision. I also have 2 sisters and likely will do the same.

Mo said...

I know, people get us mixed up ALL THE TIME! And it's not like we're even close in age, I'm 8 years younger than my oldest sister!

When I was at my sister's red egg and ginger party (a party in celebration of a newborn, in this case, my niece,) someone thought I was her--awkward.

honey my heart said...

you totally look alike :) that's great about party choices.

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