"That's a Waste of Money"

...to which I like to reply "According to you!" and then I throw a pie in the person's face.

Ok I don't actually do that. In real life I probably say "you think?" and then end up shelving whatever I wanted to purchase in the first place due to guilt. Oh money.

I feel like I've been hearing this a lot since we started wedding planning, because there are so many impractical pretty things in wedding world. It's like the boy's (who is probably one of the most practical people I know) worst nightmare, all wrapped up in one big event. If he's the one saying "that's a waste of money" it's usually proceeded by "why do we need this?", which, don't get me wrong, is a good thing because we can't exactly be willy-nilly about our dollars and cents. He's not a doctor yet and I haven't won the lottery or written that million dollar children's book.

Where is this little rant going? Oh yeah. The boy thought stds were a waste, so...

I have created an email newsletter instead. I paid $0 for it, and even though the older generation won't be receiving it due to a lack of an email address, I'm going to make it a point to ask their children to show them.

It will link to our website, which I am also working on, and the whole kit n'caboodle should be done mid-summer so that people can "ooo" and "awww" and start daydreaming about swimming and kayaking and general San Diego merriment.

I can't wait to show you!!

Is there anything WIC-endorsed that you absolutely refuse to pay for and deem a "waste of money"?


honey my heart said...

i like your save the date idea, it's totally modern and saves paper!! i'm not really into wedding favors that aren't useful (figurines, s&p shakers)and would rather have candy or desserts.

how's the website going? i'm trying to create one and it's hard to get going/include all the info.

Mo said...

Omigosh, I stayed up until 1 in the morning and I was on header 12. That wasn't very productive!

I agree, it's tough including all the necessary information and making it aesthetically pleasing. How are you creating yours?

chicncheap said...

Mo, we did the same thing! Well our wedding was in 3 months anyway so no point in STD.

The non-computer generation may not get the e-mails, but I am sure they'll love hearing it from you via phone or in-person.

Btw, FI used iWeb and our website has gotten tons of compliments. He created a Google form for RSVPs and everyone is also RSVPing online! Let me know if you want any tips and I'll harass him.

Mo said...

Thanks chicncheap!
I am using blogspot but have no way of compiling RSVPs. What is a Google form?

AmyJean said...

I think we're not doing wedding favors, but instead we just booked our chocolate fountain. That's our one thing i think we aren't "doing".

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