Done Playing Dress Up: The Wedding Dress

I bought it. (!!!!!!)
I always pictured myself like those brides on Say Yes to the Dress where they cry and wipe away tears while their bridal entourage also dabs away tears, and then there's hugging involved and lots of sighing and twirling in front of the mirror.

But that didn't happen. When I put it on all I could really say was "Yup. This is it. Do you take VISA?" So, no tears, but I'm very happy with the purchase!

It was also a very lovely day because my co-worker Melissa came with me (thank you Melissa!) and we made a date out of it and went back to the venue to take a quick tour of the winery and bask in the sun.

They said it should take approximately 7 months (!!!) and that alterations will take about 1.5 months. So I guess shopping early was a good idea!

Ok I've typed enough text, ready for some shots of someone other than the model in the dress?


Ta-da! I'm getting married and I have something to wear to the occasion!

[The middle beading is crooked because they pinned it tighter since I have no boobs. I also look like I'm practicing my vows in this picture. "I, Mo, take you, very adorable boy, to be..."]

[I'm standing on a stool--it was the only way not to trip over the dress while I was in front of the mirror. The tailor is going to be my best friend. This is also an idea of what my hair would look like up. What do you think, hair up or down?]

[The back--scandalous! Instead of the silicone cups they suggested I sew some fabric cups into the dress, so I may just do that.]

[The detail on the bottom]

[Miss a beat? Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV]

PS: This is my 200th post! Woohoo!


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Mo!!!! It's perfect on you! You look STUNNING. I love the back. Go for the fabric cups....they won't let you down. ;)

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Hair UP! Love the back!

honey my heart said...

such a pretty dress, loving the details :) great choice.

jessica lynn said...

LOVE the back! how beautiful!


I love it Mo! It's perfect! And I hear you about not having the cry moment like on the wedding shows. I didn't either but knew it was the one. I'm thinking hair down but the back is gorgeous so maybe up?

Katie said...

Hair up! That back is BEAUTIFUL

Brandy said...

EEEP! It's stunning on you!
Love everything about it!
and hair up!

Anonymous said...

As someone who reads WAY to many romance novels that take place in the 1820's, can I just say that this dress makes you look like every beautiful heroine I ever imagined from that time period? and yet the slightly sexy details (that back!) make it totally now, too. really, one of the most stunning gowns I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Oh, P.S. hair up for sure!

Mo said...

Awww thanks girls! I'm so lucky to have such supportive blogger buddies. I'm so happy that I didn't settle and ended up with a dress that was in my budget. Now I just have to wait half a year for it!

In terms of the hair, I take it everyone likes hair up, so hair up it is!

chicncheap said...

Mo, you are simply adorable! I am loving the whimsical, flowy details!

Romantic chignon please.

blushingjoy said...

You look soooo lovely in the dress!! It's absolutely beautiful!! Yeaaa for finding the dress!!

And I say hair up too. :)

Neira said...


I stumbled on your blog searching for Kitty Chen Brier Rose dress, and I see that you have it. I am in Southern California and can't find the dress anywhere! I wanted to see where you are located and if you would consider selling the dress after your wedding, if it's in good condition. I know, strange request, but I just love the dress.


Creature Gorgeous said...

Hi! I'm a new reader (and thanks for following my blog, btw!). I have to say, I'm in LOVE with your dress and wedding. This dress is so stylish, so inspired, it just screams (with a sophisticated and sweet whisper) loveliness. You were a gorgeous bride, and I just can't help staring at that dress. Your hair, jewelry flowers, everything worked so well together. Congratulations to you!!!

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