You're Lovely.

Thank you so much to one of my newest blog reads, the Army Brat Bride, for bestowing a lovely blog award to me! I am excited to continue reading about your Georgia wedding.

By the rules of the Internet I have to choose some blogs I fancy, and even though there are so many interesting stories and blogs out there, here are some lovely blogs I suggest you add to your readers.

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bridezilla
Because she is hands down the best online bridesmaid that you'll ever have.

Blushing Joy
Because she's having her e-pics done in Malaysia and Singapore RIGHT NOW and you don't want to miss the results.

Chic n' Cheap
Because I like living vicariously through someone with the skills to plan a wedding on a budget in Manhattan in 4 months while also preparing to move out of the country.

Honey My Heart
Because Santa Barbara makes my heart flutter and I have never. ever. seen someone with such an immense collection of purses.

Go show them some blog love! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


honey my heart said...

thanks so much for the blog love, mo. i adore your lovely blog as well :) happy weekend!

chicncheap said...

Mo, thank you so much! You TOTALLY deserve the lovely blog award.

p.s. I am totally going to register with C&B. We weren't even going to do a register before. Ha!

blushingjoy said...

Thanks soooo much for the blog award. You totally deserve the award too... you know I love your blog!! :)

Btw, our e-shoot was only in Malaysia. Singapore was shopping time!!

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