Wax, Tweeze, and Cut

This really has nothing to do with anything except for the minutiae of my everyday life, but how does everyone take care of their eyebrows?

My eyebrows have a life of their own. It's not that I have a whole lot of hair, it's just that I have a lot of baby fine hairs that grow down. They are definitely a waxing challenge. I usually get confused stares from the esthetician the first time they see me. Did I mention I also have no arch so they have to "make one up" for me?

I've been trying new places closer to my home because I don't want to drive 20 minutes anymore to my favorite place, but I think I've given up because today was the second, not the first, but the second time, an esthetician has waxed a big gaping hole in my eyebrow. This isn't even the same place, it's two separate places that have taken off too many hairs and left a gap in my eyebrow!

The worst part is that I didn't notice it until I got home and washed my face and the makeup came off. Looks like I'll be filling in my brows for a few weeks...

How was your Tuesday?


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

oh dear. That is not good. I also drive 25 mins to my favourite places. It's worth it. Well, that's what I tell myself. The things we do to look pretty. Sigh

honey my heart said...

:( my eyebrows aren't any better. i'm currently growing them out and hoping to find someone good to wax them before the wedding. hope you feel better!

Jessamyn Harris said...

my eyebrows don't match (one's blonde and one's brown!), so I rarely worry about waxing them... speaking of getting weird looks/ comments from the aesthetician! they always want to dye it and don't understand when I explain that I'm alright with them as is.
sometimes it's hard being weird ;)
hope yours grow back quickly!

blushingjoy said...

You have hairs that grow downwards too??? They are a pain,aren't they?? I find that cutting them first (those that's grown too long downwards) then tweezing works for me - my foolproof technique. Hope that helps!

Mo said...

Thank goodness other people have odd eyebrows! I think it'll be a couple weeks until they grow back, sadly. =(

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