Playing with the Camera: My Ring

[Ta da! The result of playing with my new camera this weekend. My ring was designed/made by the very talented Sarah Perlis.]

[For fun I cranked up the contrast in Photoshop to see how it'd look. Wild one, aren't I?
It looks totally unnatural, but was fun experimenting!]

I'm in learning mode with my new digital slr camera. The cat proved to be a difficult subject (Meomi! Stop moving!) so I decided to start off by taking some macro shots of my ring, which resulted in about an hour of fiddling with different settings and seeing what shots look like after cranking up the ISO really high, and a lot of "hmm I wonder what this button does?". I've also been dealing with shaky hands since I have no tripod, but here's the clearest shot I got while bending down in the shade with my dying vase of flowers and my lovely ring.

Ta da! If you are engaged/getting married/married/have a ring, did you take a picture of your ring?


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oh wow. Your ring is so beautiful and unique! Did you help in the design? Or was it all the boy? I love it. Your shots turned out amazing.

honey my heart said...

your ring shot turned out great :) it's also so beautiful and unique!!

Mo said...

Thanks girls!

I guess I forgot to tell the story of how we chose our ring. We went to Sarah Perlis' studio together in New York. We knew we wanted to get married, and so on vacation, we had the pleasure of meeting Sarah and discussing an e-ring.

I got to try on sample rings, so I knew what the designs would look like on my finger. And then I chose a gemstone, and that was it! Sarah made the ring, and two months later, the boy presented it when he proposed!

The middle stone is a sapphire, and I love how it has a purple tint to it. The gold is recycled.

Krista said...

That's how I learn how to ue my camera, too! It's not an SLR, but it's still pretty fancy (for me).

I like your ring story, btw.

AmyJean said...

I totally took pics. You know anything with shimmer is hard to capture, but you did a great job! :)

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Gawd, I love your ring! Modern and cool, but not necessarily too contemporary. Love it.

Katie said...

Oh, that is beautiful! I absolutely love it!

chicncheap said...

Mo, I love the pictures and most especially your ring! It has a great vibe that's natural and timeless.

Carly said...

I heart your ring! Several months ago I was stalking the work of Sarah Perlis. I'd love to own a piece of her jewelry one day.

Beautiful pictures!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Mo - I've taken to stalking Sarah Perlis' website. So sending my faves to the BF. lol

down and out chic said...

your ring is GORGEOUS. oh my goodness. i have new dslr camera too and i have a lot to learn.

Mo said...

Thank you for all the sweet comments!
I highly recommend Sarah's jewelry. It was a lovely experience to meet her and we couldn't be more thrilled about her work.

Carol said...

Beautiful ring and beautiful pictures!!

blushingjoy said...

That ring is gorgeous. Sound like I should get my camera out and play with it... it's still a lil too precious at the moment.

suyen said...

wow! i totally understand why you wouldn't need a wedding band if you have a sarah perlis! i love that she uses gemstones as well as recycled gold and panned, rough cut diamonds! Lovely ring! :)

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