A Conversation about Father's Day

On the phone with my parents.

Me: Mom, do you know Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons?
Mom: What?
Me: Frankie Valli. And The Four Seasons. Do you remember them?
Mom: Huh? What Valley?

[My Dad in the background: "Oh! Frankie Valli! Sherry Baby!"]

Mom: Oh yah what about them.
Me: Well I thought since you'll be in New York if you'd like tickets to this Broadway show called Jersey Boys based on Frankie Valli. It could be Dad's Father's Day gift.
Mom: A concert? I don't know if we like concerts.
Me: No Mom, not a concert, a musical.
Mom: I thought you said it was Frankie Valli.
Me: It's BASED on Frankie Valli, Ma. It's a musical. Y'know, like that time you saw Cabaret?
Mom: Oh...no I don't think so. You can just get him a worklight.
Me: You want a light...for the shed...instead of Broadway tickets?
Mom: Yeah, just get the strongest worklight at Home Depot.
Me: A light. For work. For the shed. Not tickets?
Mom: Yes, that's what he wants. The strongest one!
Me: Is this lamp pretty?

[Both parents now both hysterically laughing at me.]

Me: Ok let me talk to you later.

Sooooo, what are y'all getting your Dad for Father's Day?
My sisters and I will be getting a worklight.


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oh god, that is so funny! I swear you have my family, just on the west coast!!


lol that's hysterical Mo! I, unfortunately am still up in the air as to what to do for my Dad. I just organized or rather proposed a BBQ at my sisters house but now I'm still trying to figure out a gift....

Mo said...

@PB: Hahaha we probably do have the same family! I just about died when my Mom asked "What Valley?"

@ TAB: My Dad loves bbqs too! That would be a sweet gesture for Father's Day.

blushingjoy said...

Your mum is hillarious!! Sounds a lil like my parents except my folks never want anything.

I still haven't gotten Dad anything... yikes! but, our Father's Day is in Sept so phew! (you scare me there for a while!).

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