Even in Legoland There Are Weddings

We had free tickets to Legoland, so we took advantage of them today and brought along the new DSLR camera for some lego fun. They have an entire area of the park with different sections of the U.S. made out of legos. I won't bore you with the 50 some-odd pictures I took, but here are some of the fun ones.

Even in legoland there are weddings, everywhere I go, there they are!

[I sized these to about 900 pixels so you can click on each one and see it larger onscreen if you like.]

[Even lego people have a Vegas chapel.]

[A quiet moment amongst all the lego chaos.]

[I want a blue house.]

[This bunny was invading this quaint little wedding ceremony.]

[And then he proceeded to terrorize the chapel.]

[After we witnessed the bunny rampaging through town, we stopped in and watched Obama's inauguration. Yes. Those are really all legos. Crazy, isn't it?]

I think we're done with theme parks for a while, but at least I got some chances to use my camera!


Lily G. said...

I need to go to legoland! I've heard good things about it. Looks like you had fun.


chicncheap said...

Hehe, too cute. Mo, are you a new blogger on EAD?? If so, very cool!

Mo said...

@chicncheap: Yes, I am! My first post runs tomorrow, I'm really excited!

trishiekoh said...

aaaaaaaaw, this is SO cute, thanks for sharing.

blushingjoy said...

I've heard about this place! They all just look incredible... especially since it's all Lego. Wow!

Carol said...

That is so fun!

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