Sweet Sweet Home

[Check out this dollhouse!]

[Her amazing studio]

[What a fun way to divide rooms!]

[All images by Amy of Sweet Sweet Life. Check out all of her house images on Flickr]

These photos make me smile.

On Etsy Storque they featured an absolutely adorable house here in San Diego! I hope that one day, I have a house just like this sweet home! It's just brimming with bright color, charm, and whimsy. I think this will be my inspiration as I start to browse items for our registry.

Amy of the blog Sweet Sweet Life is the creator behind this lovely home. Check out her lovely Etsy shops as well: bebeandyaya and muffinsabound.


Chrisy said...

You've done a great job of bringing all this together...saw the storque feature...wish they'd do more on people's homes...it's such fun to see what others do...

blushingjoy said...

Cute house! I love how it's so bright and there's loads of colours too.

Lily G. said...

This is such a cute little house. I definitely see a lot of creativity!


Carol said...

I like the "be nice or leave" Very cute!

trishiekoh said...

Oh, how lovely! I really like the clock and the ribbon room divider.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mo! Lovely to meet you (virtually)! Thanks for showing my home. Your comments made my day! I'll be checking in lots to see how the wedding is coming--congratulations!!!


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