A Dress for the Engagement Party

During fourth of July weekend, we are having an engagement party. It's nothing fancy, more of a big family get-together. There were no formal invitations, and we're basically just going to show up and eat with our immediate families. But it will be the first time our families meet, and I will be seeing 30 or so relatives of the boy.

So I thought I'd spruce myself up a bit. Y'know, something that says, hi, I'm going to be related to you soon, you can rest assured that I can dress myself properly and modestly.

I went to BCBG, J. Crew, H&M, and Anthropologie.
I didn't find anything at J. Crew (it looked like they were switching seasons) and nothing at H&M. My best stop was at Anthro.

I worked at Anthropologie last summer as a second job to make some extra spending money, but it turned out I basically worked for clothes! It kills me a little buying things there post employee discount, but what's a girl to do?

Here we go...

Dresses at Anthropologie:
[I love yellow, but don't have anything in this color. I also really liked the detail--sorry, that eyes sore is the camera chord]

[Red is a lucky color and will most likely please our more traditional relatives.]

[This dress is by Corey Lynn Calter, a designer I love! The dress I wore for our engagement session was by her.]

[50's inspired polka dot number! It's fun, but I can see my new relatives doing a double-take when they meet me. This is a sales rack item.]

[This is a fun bohemian dress! Not sure if the halter is the most appropriate, I might have to wear a cardigan. This is on the sales rack.]

Dress at BCBG:
[This fit well, and it had pockets--score!]

Which one(s) should I buy for the party?


Lily G. said...

I like #4 or #5. Very cute and appropriate for an engagement party.


Victory Bird said...

I am naturally biased toward the beautiful yellow #1;) But 4-6 are also great!

Mo said...

Thanks girls!
VB, I might get the yellow. I bought a yellow top on clearance a while ago, but it didn't fit well so I gave it to my sister. This can be its replacement. ;)

chicncheap said...

Ooh, the Corey Lynn dress is cute! I also like the last dress.


i LOVE the yellow! it's so cherry and looks great on u. 4 is great too. let us know which one u choose :)

melissa said...

#4 seems to my fav. because it's Sassy with the belt and has a touch of yellow like dress #1 :) MMM

melissa said...

#4 this dress has attitude ! :)

Katie said...

LOVE the polka dots. LOVE them!

Kelly Merrill said...

I worked at anthro just a little while the past few months! And yes, it is so awful for your bank account. I did get some awesome jeans for 60 % off but other than that I just lusted over clothes. I liked the polka dot and the bcbg dresses best.

Carolina said...

The polka dots! You wouldn't even have to change your shoes.

blushingjoy said...

Have you bought it yet?? I like #5... I know it's bohemian but the black sash helps make it a lil bit more dressy.

Charli said...

Totally amazing selection of those dress!! I like the yellow one... It looks great on you!!

Telno Walker said...

All dresses are superb but Red is amazing. You are looking gorgeous in Red Dress. Nice Selection.

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