Going Back Home

I will be going back to the San Francisco Bay Area for the fourth of July holiday to see my family and have our engagement party, soooo no new posts until next Monday.
I will be looking at bridesmaid dresses with my sister too, so you'll get more dress eye candy when I get back. Try not to miss me too much. =)

Happy 4th of July!!!


honey my heart said...

have fun in sf and good luck w/ the bmaid dress shopping!! we just purchased my sister's dress on sunday :)

Lily G. said...

Have a great time back home and at your engagement party. Post pics when you get the chance!


trishiekoh said...

Looking forward to seeing the bridesmaids dresses! have a great time in san francisco.

btw, you've been tagged! http://trishiekoh.blogspot.com/2009/07/i-got-tagged.html

Carly said...

Happy 4th!! The Mr. and I will be mini-mooning in SF this weekend. Maybe we will run into each other out on the town :) Enjoy!!

Heather said...

How was the party?

Mo said...

@ Heather: The party was great, thanks for asking! I'll be updating about it soon!!

Emilia Jane said...

we had our engagement party back home on the 4th too. this is just getting weird.

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