Things That Are Happening/Happened This Week

[Birthday Cupcake via Blue Cupcake]

+ Tomorrow I turn 26. Yes, I'm turning 26 on the 26th, which resulted in a week of joking with people that I'm going to do everything x 26 (a la Rory Gilmore's 21st birthday, any Gilmore Girls fans out there??) Eat 26 things, take pictures with 26 people, buy 26 items, hug 26 random people. Am I going to? It'd be fun and quirky and probably scare some poor people I don't know, but no, unfortunately not. Instead, the boy and I are going here!:

[Sleeping Beauty's Castle via Mastery of Maps]

I want to 1. document everything we eat, especially anything that is in the shape of Mickey Mouse. 2. get a better score on Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters 3. ride Space Mountain and Indiana Jones at least three times 4. have a much needed day o' fun with the boy, who has been m.i.a. for the past two months due to this horrible test.

+ These puppies also came in the mail for me this week:
[Pink Studio's Jeanette]

I can't decide whether or not to keep them. I don't wear high shoes often, and these are 3 1/2 inch heels! I'm a little wobbly and have been practicing walking in our bedroom like a 13-year-old. But they look amazing with my green skirt, blue dress, and jeans!

+ On Saturday, my lovely friend Tiffany is taking me to Lulu's to get mani/pedis:

[Lulu's by Travis Parker, photo via Yelp]

It's going to be a fun girls' day out!

+ Earlier in the week, we tried a new restaurant called Blue Boheme, which introduced me to the wonders of pommes frites. Omigoodness, who knew fries could taste this good??? I'm drooling at my desk just thinking of them with the little bowl of mussles they came with. Also, the website is pretty awesome, it's almost as if I'm watching a movie.

*Phew* That was a lot, wasn't it? I also ran on the beach, led a book club at the library, and had a trip to the dentist which was surprisingly painless.

How is everyone else's week going?


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I'm tired from reading your post! What a busy week! It's your 'champagne' birthday! So make sure you have lots of champers! KEEP THE SHOES.

Mo said...

I know, haha, I'm exhausted!

Did I mention that this is also my 26th post for the month of June? ;)

Lily G. said...

Happy birthday!!! It's your golden birthday. Enjoy, and I hope you get lots of great gifts!


chicncheap said...

You are busy chick! May the boy take you out to a splendid dinner and shower you with amazing gifts!

steph said...

Sounds you are having a great week so far! My week hasn't nearly been as exciting...although I did get cable tv finally. Haha =)

honey my heart said...

sounds like so much fun :) happy 26th!! i think having 26 cupcakes (although not eating them all in one sitting) would be awesome. looking forward to your recap.

blushingjoy said...

Happy birthday!! That's a fantastic place you're going to. I wished we had places like that here - looks like sooo much fun!

I've been busy trying to get stuff done before starting work on Monday. Lolz... I just figured I need some work tops today so will be out shopping. Yea!!

And keep those shoes! They're fab!

Teresa said...

Love those shoes!

Heather said...

I love that you are a fellow San Diego bride. :)

Mo said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. =)
I think I will keep the shoes. I just need someone to teach me how to walk in them--it's a fine skill!

trishiekoh said...

beautiful shoes, you HAVE TO keep them!!!
Happy Bithday!!

anko said...

happy birthday!! <3 <3 <3

Carol said...

Happy birthday!!!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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