I Miss It All

I have this on repeat. It's not exactly happy we're in love music, but it's just really sweet and fun to sing along to. I should just buy it, The City and Horses probably hates me for replaying it on YouTube!

I found it after seeing the movie poster for Paper Heart after seeing Up last weekend (beautiful movie by the way. I totally cried.)


Marc said...

Quite the contrary, I LOVE you for replaying it on Youtube!

aka mr. the city and horses

Mo said...

Well, now that I have permission from the person singing in the video--!

I almost have all the words down. And then I'll go and buy the album and learn all the words to the other songs. =)

Marc said...

If you want I can send you the chords and lyrics. That way you can play it at family gatherings and really annoy people!

Mo said...

Ahaha...that's quite alright Marc, very sweet of you though. I think I annoy my family enough at gatherings. ;)

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