Should we have a candy buffet?

As a follow-up to my love for the lollipop stand--should we invest in a candy buffet?

Some key items that may help your opinion:
-My good friend, who lives in San Diego, has already volunteered to set everything up with the help of her boyfriend. She is totally reliable.
-But candy is expensive.
-And it's going to be July and chocolate unfortunately won't be a possibility with the heat. *tear
-If we don't have a candy buffet, there may not be any other favors or freebies for guests.
-A candy buffet would definitely fit into our general wedding theme, if you could call it a theme, of a relaxed, colorful, fun, outdoor July 4th weekend summer wedding.

Yay or nay?


Lily G. said...

I actually love the idea of a candy buffet. I was thinking of having one at my wedding too, but if your wedding is outdoors, that might be difficult? Unless you get coolers or something? haha

Mo said...

Good point Lily. The heat might melt the candies together, in which case we would have to choose candies that were either packaged or had a low chance of sticking to one another!

It will be tented at night, but it'll still be warm.
Lollipops, swedish fish, licorice...these seem like they'd be safe. I don't think I could chance M&Ms unfortunately.

Also--I didn't even think about ants! Yikes, what if ants were attracted to the candy??

Lisa Marie said...

Hi Mo! It's great that your friend offered to set one up for you--good friend! But... I vote nay for a few reasons.

Yes, candy is expensive. And your guests will not be disappointed to not have favors--they are they are there to see you not get freebies, right? Plus... they're a bit common right now, you have to admit. And in 10 years it might look like just another passing fad. They ARE adorable, true. But do they really add meaning to the whole day? Something to think about.

If you want to send them home with something less expensive, what about take-away coffee? (See my blog (http://www.orangeandblossom.com/blog/?p=40) for neat cups. If you want to send them home with something meaningful, how about mini cards with a heartfelt quote or wish from moo.com? Okay, these are just off the top of my head.

I think you can come up with something more original and personal. Okay, how about this I just thought of it: a tiny card handwritten to each guest with a piece of candy and a one sentence note with something you love about that person. "Jesse, we love your smile!" or "Ned, we love the way you make a mean martini!" or whatever. Not sure how you would package these. But that's my vote! Good luck! : )

Mo said...

Hi Lisa Marie,
Thanks so much for your response!
You bring up good points about it being trendy and expensive. I'm less concerned about the trendy part, since most guests I've asked had never heard of a candy buffet, to which I like to reply--what? you mean you don't surf dozens of wedding blogs every day? What do you do with your time? ;)

I have a while to plan, so I'll start thinking of other ideas with the FI. Thank you for the advice and suggestions for something different, I'll definitely chew on some other ideas before making a decision.

gangsta bride said...

Invest? No. Buy a bunch of jelly beans cheap at Cosco/dollar store? Yes.

I loved Lisa Marie's idea of having personalized notes with candy.

I love candy buffets because I think they add to the decor. (as well as being adorable).

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I say YAY!! I love candy buffets. I also think they're great at doubling as decor. As for the cost, I'm wondering if you can buy in bulk? In Canada, we have these stores called Bulk Barn and you can purchase candy, chocolates etc in bulk. The savings can really add up.

Brandy said...

I LOVE candy so I love candy buffets! But if you fear candy sticking together and cost etc maybe look into having an ice cream truck arrive at some point. They might come by just for the price of an ice cream per person.
I do really love the lollipot trees from yesterdays post though.

honey my heart said...

yes! definitely!! we are having one instead of favors and because everyone has a sweet tooth. there are plenty of sites that offer candy in bulk, too.

Dayseye said...

....that's why you should consider a chocolate fountain in lieu of chocolate bars and bon bons....

Anonymous said...

I say GO FOR IT! It is fun and interactive for the guests - both for the young and young at heart. We had a candy buffet at our wedding and it was a HUGE hit - we had approx. 100 lbs of candy and it wasn't that expensive. I went to Sam's and Costco and struck a deal with a local store manager to get my honey's favortie candy.

BTW - I stumbled on your website today looking for a lollipop holder. Thanks for the great idea.

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