Paper Poppies

I really wanted red poppies or red anemones at the wedding, but I'm told that 1) they will die a thousand times over in the sweltering San Diego County heat, and 2) they won't be in season in July. *small cry*

[Poppies Paper Flower Kit from Paper Source]

Perhaps I can make them? Paper flowers are really easy to make (albeit time consuming!) and perhaps, to go along with the paper wreaths I am planning to make, these would look nice as napkin rings or to decorate our favors (if we have favors.)

That would mean making 150-200 red poppies in the next year. That's a whole lot of poppies to make, and I know that my heart would sink if I saw a guest tossing one in the trash on the way out!

Is anyone else planning to make a lot of paper flowers/decorations too? Any advice for someone with a year to plan? If you're coming to my wedding, do you promise not to toss the flower in the trash in front of me?


chicncheap said...

If you like it and have time, go for it! You can do an amazing amount of things while watching random tv shows.

I made/am making a few silk flowers just for the bms. I definitely contemplated paper flowers for our guests though.

I wouldn't throw the paper flower away if I was at your wedding. :)

down and out chic said...

this is a great idea! i might have to make some for my home.

Lily G. said...

Wow, these are so cute!! I would definitely make them too if I had the time.

Mo said...

Thanks girls!
@ chicncheap: I hope all my guests are as considerate!

I'm thinking I can do this. Perhaps put them on top of menus at the reception at each place setting.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

oooh. so pretty! good luck with it. maybe you can put somewhere on them...pls don't throw me out! ;)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Eek - that's a huge undertaking. Will it be humid? If so, then I would worry about them wilting. Then again, I worry about everything. :)

Kelly Merrill said...

these are darling. I hope you do make them!

Carlene said...

How funny! I actually bought this pack at paper source and have yet to make the flowers! Talk about LAZY! :)


blushingjoy said...

Me me me.. lolz, but you know it already. I haven't gotten anywhere with that lately though... :(

Those paper anemones look damn fine....

Kristin said...

It's so sad when you fall in love with a flower and they aren't in season on your big day. I totally encountered that. I think this would be a fabulous decorating project for your home too!

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