Pink and Glam

[Photo Sources clockwise from top: Cake from Brides.com; Bridesmaid with balloons, from © Jutta Klee/CORBIS; Pearls from Brides.com; Palace Hotel in San Francisco from Mints Design; Ring from Jose Villa; Save the date cards by Jenna Hein; Couple from Martha Stewart]

We're having a very non-glam wedding in which the dominant color is red, BUT my good friend is having a very glam wedding in San Francisco in which light pink is the spotlight color. This board was inspired by her ideas!

I'm submitting it to My Island Wedding's Inspiration Board contest, are you submitting one too?


honey my heart said...

what a pretty inspiration board :) i like the soft pink details

Lily G. said...

ooooo, love this. I could get some good ideas for my wedding. Thanks!


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

You are up and running, miss! And may I just say, I love your blog!?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

ok, that is so funny, i have a pic of that ring saved.....love it.

Mo said...

@PB: You must be my blog twin! After all, we've already established that we have the same mother!

SomethingBlue said...

I love your board and I think your blog is delightful!

Krista said...

loving that ring!!!

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