Non-Floral Bouquets

[Le sigh. A bouquet of bouncing butterflies! Via the newest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.]

I just picked up the newest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings and it did not disappoint. Great issue, especially after I passed up the last two issues (sorry MS Weddings.)

It also presented an idea that I hadn't thought of--a bouquet of butterflies. Not flowers.

Let's say you need roughly 30 butterflies. So, 3 packs of these particular 12 butterflies is about $15, plus any wires you need, let's throw in another $20 for the wires and the shipping for butterflies. $35 is a lot cheaper than that $100+ floral bouquet I've been fantasizing about. Plus, I could keep the butterflies for gift wrapping or what not afterward. The flowers just...die.

What do you think? How do you feel about a non-floral bouquet? Will a butterfly bouquet go with my dress? It looks completely cute in MS Weddings, but will I look at the bouquet 10 years from now and think "dude. Mo. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??"


honey my heart said...

butterflies are super cute! it's a bouquet no one has really done :) even if you incorporate a couple in a flower bouquet, they'd be beautiful.

Bridechka said...

What a fantastic idea :)

Victory Bird said...

Yeah, there is no way I'm paying for a real bridal bouquet [or any pro flowers at my wedding!], but I am planning to make my own from Trader Joe's spray roses to at least have one single classic touch. Though those butterflies are pretty hot.

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