Potted Plants as Centerpieces

[They used Bambu for silverware and china! And potted plants as centerpieces! Truly a great tablescape. Photo by Jacob Pritchard]

Oh my. Have you seen Laura and Ben's wedding on Martha Stewart and on Laura's blog? I love everything about it! I love how fun and at ease the event looks, the colors, the bridesmaids' outfits, the groom's tie, everything!

Let's talk about the tablescape. I've flirted with the idea of potted plants as centerpieces. The only problem is that most people will be coming from out of town, and I have a hunch that the last thing they want to tug along on the plane is a potted plant. If we had 5 pots per table, 15 tables, that means I would have to paint and take care of 75 pots, all of which might end up with me again if people don't take them home.

It seems that every diy project I want to tackle incorporates copious amounts of stuff. But I guess when you have an event for 150 people, there's bound to be copious amounts of stuff, isn't there?

I guess the up-side is that there will be little to put together the day of since we can just transport the pots and plop them on the tables instead of arranging flowers. There's also {hopefully} nothing to throw away!

Do you think it's worth it to paint and put together 75 potted plants that may or may not end up in the hands of guests?


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

I think it would look nice. If you could spray paint them it might be quicker???

They're lovely though! Nice find!

Lily G. said...

I think they would look really nice. They seem relatively easy to do and inexpensive.


chicncheap said...

Ahh yes, I'm with you on the "ack, I want to do this, but it requires a lot of work"

They look pretty cool and I like the eco friendly aspect of it. If you can, go for it!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I love the plotted plants. Plants will always find a good home. :)

Mo said...

I think I WILL do this! I'm still riding the fence about paper flowers, but this project I think I would like to tackle. Thanks for the encouragement!

Katie said...

We did this for my sister's wedding and it was awesome. She had an outdoor afternoon event so they were all plopped in different shaped baskets and it was SOOO pretty. I loved it!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! I love the table cover...can anyone tell me where the table cover is from please?

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