The Happiest Place on Earth: Part 2

We had some really good food in the shape of Mickey Mouse. I started the day off being good by eating a banana and having a small non-fat mocha, and then I saw an ice cream cart and it all went downhill from there.

*We saw/ate a lot of items in the shape of Mickey*

[I know that you want one. Even if it costs $8 USD. I know that I really wanted one, but I'm allergic to apples.]

[Make no mistake---these are red MAGIC cupcakes, not red velvet!]

[This was not a normal ice cream. It was rock solid from being so cold! The vendor had to put a glove on to retrieve it from the freezer. It was really really good. What is it with soda and ice cream tasting better when ice cold?]

[Chocolate-covered Rice Krispie Treat! Do they have rice krispies outside the US?]

[This was the most memorable of them all. We ate in New Orleans Square and had a lovely dinner overlooking Tom Sawyer's Island. To top off the meal, we ordered beignets. I had no idea what a beignet was, the only thing I saw was the description, which informed me that it would be covered in powdered sugar. If something is covered in powdered sugar, how in the world could it possibly be bad??
When it arrived, I cried out "Oooh! Mickey donuts!" But I was so wrong. These are 100 times better than donuts. Especially with that dipping sauce--berry and vanilla...mmmm]

[Can you tell how much we LOVED them? I was close to licking the plate at this point.]

[The gift shops were filled with every lollipop imaginable so you could prolong the sugar rush on the ride home.]

Have I made you hungry yet?


chicncheap said...

Mo, I am going into sugar shock by looking at these pictures - yum!

Yes, there is "puffed rice" in at least Western Europe and parts of Asia. Rice krispies treats haven't really made it though.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

um, i'm starving. yummy. happy belated champagne bd!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I think most things taste better when they're mickey-shaped.

blushingjoy said...

I have to say this is my favourite out of your birthday posts. The food!! Yum yum!!

Carlene said...

Oh!! I am so happy that you went to Disneyland for your birthday! I am such a Disney Freak!!! :) Looks like you had a wonderful day. xoxo

honey my heart said...

everything is so cute and sweet! disney is so creative w/ their mouse shapes :)

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