Working on the Website: Part I

Awhile ago, Carly wrote a post about productivity when being away from your S.O. I commented on that post, apparently I already knew the boy would be gone this month back in April! My how time flies.

While the boy is gone for two weeks to live like a hermit at his parents' house to study for the board exams, it's going to be just me and the cat. Me me me me me. Me. And me.

And the website. w00t!

I'm in the thick of working on it, but so far I just have a design and I need to add content.

Here are the sections I am including:

About Us (how long should our couple bio be? Do people actually read this? Do you think people actually care where we went to school, how we met, and what we do?)

Event Details
(time and date, directions, other pertinent details)

Travel and Hotel (we're working on getting a discount)

Things To Do: San Diego (Dolphins! Surfing! All the Mexican food you could possibly eat!)

Registry (we won't be working on this for a while, but I see dishes in our future!)

FAQs (what is the weather like in San Diego? How far away is Disneyland? Are you having vegetarian/vegan options?)

Contact Us (I'm hoping people will click on this to RSVP. There will also be a separate section on the website that directs people to email us to RSVP.)

Can you think of anything I missed?


K @ Blog Goggles said...

Wedding website, right?

Some of my friends have included albums of their fave pics of themselves (especially engagement pics!). Otherwise, sounds good!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I think you got it all! I've seen some people spotlight their bridal party.

honey my heart said...

you seem to have everything covered! i'd also include lots of photos, since guests love to see those.

Dayseye said...

I concur - add your lovely engagement photos and I would definitely love to read your story (even though I was there when it most of the events happened).

For more creative widgets, perhaps a count down? Or how about a twitter feed that you can have that combos your names together like @bennifer.

Mo said...

Thanks for the suggestions. =)

Ah, e-pics, yes I'll be sure to post some of them!

I wrote a bit about our story last night, that I hope isn't too boring, so I think I'll post that too.

@ Dayseye. Yes. You were indeed there, in fact I think you were the first person I saw after I met the boy! Good times.

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