I Had a Dream About Blogs

I met a blogger in my dream. It was a really non-descript face, seeing as how I have never met any of you in real life! We were talking about, what else? weddings! and for some reason we were at a florist studio, which just happened to be all outdoors.

In the middle of the "florist studio" there was this huge blossoming tree, except instead of real leaves it was growing paper flowers and tissue pom poms that were very, very vibrant--think Tim Burton/Dorothy in Oz vibrant.

"Wow! That's the most incredible thing I've ever seen!" I said to anonymous blogger person.
And then, just as I said that, a couple started walking up to the tree along with a whole gaggle of people and they started saying their vows to one another underneath it.

"Um...are they getting married here?!" I whispered to anonymous blogger person.
"Yeah, it was too expensive to deliver the tree to the venue so they just decided to move the entire wedding to their florist. Pretty smart, I think. Hey, do you want to go and try this new cupcake place?"


Got weddings on the brain? Because I do. In Tim Burton technicolor.


Heather said...

I keep having stress dreams about my makeup/hair...we know why. :) It usually involves me being stood up by my makeup/hair person or I am sitting in a spa and they keep calling people's names and I am yelling, "What about me?!"

Clearly we are weddig obsessed haha!

Mo said...

Ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one. =)
Maybe you were the one in my dream with me!

Brandy said...

Is it sad that I wish that tree existed?

Mo said...

@Brandy: I certainly wish it did exist!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Is it wrong that I'm sad that you didn't go to the cupcake place in your dream and tried the cupcakes? :)

Carly said...

What a cute dream :)

I had a lot of wedding dreams during the planning phase. I think it's totally natural, especially given how much time and effort all of us bloggers put into planning!!

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