Where's Everyone At?

Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments on my hair and makeup trial! The check is {almost} in the mail for my hair and makeup deposit, which means that I get to check it off of my list! That's the best feeling, writing in big letters "DONE" next to a "to do" on my handy dandy Operation Wedding checklist.

Time to assess where we're at before I enter the craziness that is work+internship+grad school come September. Woohoo!

So far, here's what we've got at a year out (you can view the links in my sidebar!)
+Asked family to be bridal party
+Asked friend to be officiant
+Hair and Makeup!!!

In the immediate future, we will hopefully...
+Book a caterer (we're thinking of having a pasta bar, bruschetta, and lemonade)
+Send email save the dates and finish up the website (this has been on my plate for a few months and I really want to push it off, haha)

And in another few months...
+Find shoes
+First dress fitting
+Order bridesmaid dresses
+Find something for the boy to wear (this won't be easy...will blog about it!)

And a couple months after that...
+The invitations, which I foresee being a huge project since I am doing them myself!

And then everything else...decor, flowers, other paper products, the rehearsal dinner, honeymoon research/booking, the cupcakes/desserts/pies, fabric for the photo station, the ceremony, the music, dance lessons, booking a hotel suite for the wedding night, feeding my cat, brushing my teeth, sleeping...

For those of you in early planing mode, what progress have you made? For those of you at the end of planning, what more do you need to do?


honey my heart said...

i have all the big stuff reserved (venues, food, desserts, transportation). now the little things stand in my way (placecards, favors, thank you cards) and it seems like this summer is flying by too fast!!!

good luck w/ your invites :) can't wait to see your work.

Lily G. said...

When is your wedding date? Right now we're narrowing done venues and going to set a date.


clownfishie said...

Hiii Mo!

Aww thanks for the nice comments!

Ohhh your hair and makeup looks beautiful and flawless!

Congrats on getting married!!!

Donna :*)

Mo said...

@Lily G.: 7.3.2010!

Bridechka said...

We are about 50% of the way there ... but still some biggies we need to get photographer and florist and hair and makeup person ... and a bunch of other smaller stuff.

PS: Check out your trial, you look fabulous!

Tracy-Girl said...

You are on top of this girl! I am getting married in 6 weeks... and I am so excited. It all adds up right at the end, but it is so much fun. You seem so organized, good for you! July 2010 will come faster than you think. I know 3 people getting married that month and year... so crazy! :)

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