The Prettiest Dog Treat

[Pastry from Three Dog Bakery in Del Mar, CA]

We had a lovely day with old friends in Del Mar, and they brought along their adorable dog. They bought this doggy treat at a local dog bakery for the puppy. Isn't it pretty??? Like, something that humans would eat?


Lily G. said...

This treat is so adorable!! But it doesn't matter to dogs what treats look like. They will pretty much eat anything haha

anko said...

awww, did you hear that josie, she called you adorable!! hee hee hee.

and you must mean, it looks like a treat that humans DID eat... ;)

Carol said...

So cute!!

Mo said...

@anko: SHHHHHHH!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Um, I would definitely eat that. I might have to fight my dog for it.

blushingjoy said...

Wow... that is a dog treat?? I wonder how it taste... hehe

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