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I took about a 1,000 pictures this week for my work's event. All week I have been editing pictures for a slide show that they played tonight, and I am really proud of my work! I had a lot of fun playing photographer, and this work assignment has inspired me to learn more about taking pictures.

It was also great practice since I am going to be the only photographer at my sister's wedding in a couple of weeks!! Ahhh!

Sister 1 bought me a great little camera bag from Etsy for my birthday, which I've had on my shoulder all week and is just big enough for my camera, my flash, my USB cord, some batteries, and my charger.

Just today my cousin sent me to this link to *emera, a new line of camera bags that look like sleek handbags. They are so so pretty and look rather spacious inside! Perhaps once I gain more gear and learn more about my dSLR will I purchase one. I'm still in training mode and don't feel like I deserve such a nice bag yet.

Do you have a hobby you'd like to push to the next level? Do you like the emera bags?


Heather said...

Fun! I would love to start taking more pictures too.

Lily G. said...

that camera bag is adorable!

blushingjoy said...

oOOoohh, I love those emera bags!!! They're as big as my current handbag but it's way more structured, I'm guessing to protect the camera. They'll be perfect!!

Emily said...

These camera bags are so chic! I usually feel silly lugging around my dSLR in my Lowepro bag (which is why I often ask fiancé to carry it!).

Carlene said...

I love this bag!! Thanks for sharing! I am gonna get one! :)

btw - I will be getting back to you soon about our little swap. I've been so busy! xoxo

Tracy-Girl said...

So fun... I love these two bags!

Westside Wedding said...

I've been getting back into photography too! My parents bought me a canon rebel a while ago for my bday but I have not really used it because I wanted to learn everything about the camera first, but I've been told you learn more by just going out there and taking pics. Last Saturday I took pictures for an art gallery/dj event for one of my friends and I had a lot of fun with it, and like you, it inspired me to take more pictures. I am also in training mode :-)

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