My 5 Minute Rant

Ok. I generally like to keep this blog as happy as possible. But I'm SO frustrated right now that I just have to type it out.

Finally got to see Harry Potter. Unfortunately, three guys who like talking throughout movies got to see it too. It was SO frustrating, they talked throughout the entire thing!

After the movie, a brigade of people who could have had pitchforks in their hands went over to customer service to complain. Including me. I had a pitchfork and a torch.

So, I've got a free movie pass to AMC. Any suggestions on what to see next?


The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Did anyone tell them to zip it? Generally that does the trick. :)

Naomi said...

Go see The Ugly Truth!

Krista said...

Other than the talking, what did you think of the movie? (Have you read the books?)

Lysandra said...

I am way behind on my movie watching, but I hear The Hangover is really good and 500 Days of Summer is the kind of movie that you're dying to talk to other people about after you've seen it. Which I haven't. Which is why nobody in my office can discuss it around me yet!

Brandy said...

Movie talkers are the worst! Why would you go see a movie if you want to chat? Gah!
Didn't anyone say anything to them during the film?

I would have and if they didn't stop I would have sacrificed my popcorn on their heads for the cause.

Go see UP or Away we Go...both I've heard are awesome!

Westside Wedding said...

I know exactly what you mean about people talking in movies, I've even seen people talking on their cell phones throughout the movie! Lucky for us, a Landmark theatre opened by our apt in West L.A and for some reason mostly people over 50 go there & they are quiet :-) Also they have a staff person introduce the movie and let us know that they will be right outside so it's easier to complain then to have to go all the way to customer service. In the past months that I have been going, I have never heard anyone talk during the movie, it's great! sorry no suggestions on movies, last one I saw was Harry Potter too!

Mo said...

@TSB, @Brandy: Soooo I think they were just there to be jerks. The staff told them to shut it in the middle, and people continuously shushed them.
They would pretend to whisper for 2 seconds and then go back to full volume and laughing. Several people threw profanities at them at the end of the movie. Infuriating!

@Krista: I have read them all! I think that this movie was visually ahead of the pack, but I felt like some of the whimsy was lost that the other films had. Overall, I wouldn't call it a fun movie, but enjoyable to watch, albeit very dark, which is understandable since the book was dark.

@Naomi: I have not seen The Ugly Truth! I could use a rom-com now.

@Lysandra: Ah, I saw The Hangover but think 500 Days will be my next stop! Thanks for the tips.

@WW: Cell phones?? Don't they listen to the public service announcement at the beginning of the movie--y'know, the one that I pay attention to the way I pay attention during flight safety instructions?

Tracy-Girl said...

I hate when people do that... it drives me crazy!! Someone else on my blog list had the same problem last week when they went to see hp! Maybe its something to do with the movie?

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oh, I would have personally got up and starting throwing my popcorn at them. I know, not the most mature thing, but I would felt better. :)

I'm glad you got free tix. So see Julie/Julia!

blushingjoy said...

Tranformers 2!!

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