Something Old. Something New. Something Borrowed. Something Pink Argyle.

I got my blog name from my socks. I have a lot of argyle socks in various shades, mostly from my days when I lived in New York and Berkeley. San Diego? They don't really need to come out very much.

As an homage to the blog on my wedding day, I'd like to have something pink argyle. Any suggestions?


Brian said...

I don't know if you're doing wedding favors, but maybe pink argyle gift bags?


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

It would be so cute if the the Boy wore a pink argyle tie but I'm assuming he would look at you like you're from Mars if you asked that. ;)

- pink argyle garter?
- maybe a pink argyle ribbon for the escort cards

Bridechka said...

How about a pink argyle garter?! Ah, PBM, as always two steps ahead of me!

Pink argyle shoes? Underwear? Pink argyle handkerchief wrapped around your bouquet?

Emily said...

Or a pink argyle clutch purse?

dana said...

pink argyle socks for the groom and groomsmen?

Mo said...

@Brian: Whoa who knew they'd have a pink argyle gift bag??

@TPB: lol re: Mars comment. Ah yes. I believe it's black tie all the way for him. You've been reading this blog enough to know his taste, haha.

@TPB and Bridechka: I like the garter idea! Does it matter that we aren't doing a garter toss?

@Emily: I was thinking of this too! Maybe having someone on Etsy make a little clutch. It'd definitely be a cute touch to the ensemble.

@dana: I do like my socks. =)
Unfortunately I know the guys won't haha.

chicncheap said...

Pink arglye table runners? Or the backdrop at your photo booth. Ooh or pink arglye wrappers for the candy buffet (were you having one I forgot)?

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oh Bridechka, great minds think alike!! I don't think it matters that you're not doing a garter toss...but the garter would come in hand for pics...like getting ready pics.

Bridechka said...

Haha, so true PBM! And I agree, doesn't matter that there's no toss, it will be a cute little secret just for you too know about and remind you of your blog :)

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