Weekend Recap and Trends

I spent the weekend back in Northern California for my niece's first birthday. My main job was balloon wrangler, so I have become quite familiar with them now!

[Balloons hanging at the party]

[The party site for my niece's first birthday! I took this shot while running around before everyone got there for lunch. Isn't it huge??]



Speaking of balloons--I thought I was totally over them. It got to the point where I just stopped clicking on links in which the itty bitty picture showed balloons. But I was reminded of why they're so pretty this past weekend!

A tip from me to you if you'll ever be transporting balloons: it's hard! My sister drives a wagon and we had 25 balloons to shove in there. The problem is that they kept floating and almost escaping from us (those sneaky balloons). At one point, I was wedged in between the bumper and the trunk door, trying to hold all the balloons down. I quickly maneuvered my way out and my sister gently shut the trunk door after I escaped. I tried to regain my composure after I had just been shouting "they're going to pop! Don't shut the door on my hand!" in the middle of the Party City parking lot.

It was totally worth it because the kids LOVED the balloons and we sent them home with the guests at the end of the party. And so I opened balloons back into my heart.

Are you avoiding any wedding trends? C'mon, I know you're dying to dish. Mustaches. Candy buffets. Fabric hanging for photo booths. Birds. Argyle socks (say it aint so!) Polaroids. Jumping shots. CUPCAKES.

Quick side note: If you are having a lot of balloons at your wedding/event, I highly recommend renting a helium tank and blowing them all up at your venue. Starting rental rate for Party City in Northern California was $30 USD. Each of our balloons cost .89 cents.


Heather said...

Sounds fun!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

oooh, taco cart. I so want that. NOW that is one wedding trend I could support!!

honey my heart said...

oh balloons. we are planning to use them for our engagement session and weighing our transportation options.

Lysandra said...

Hm yeah I'm avoiding all the wedding trends. None of them really excite us and we don't want to spend the money just to have something cute that someone else did - although I agree with The Professional Bridesmaid that I'd like to start a taco cart trend!

Carol said...

I'm also avoiding trens, save some $$$. But do like the taco truck!!

Mo said...

I loved the taco cart too!! My favorite was the pork (there was also beef and chicken). She also had salsa, beans, rice, lettuce, and onions. Everyone loved them.

@honey my heart: How many are you planning to have? And how big is your car? The other problem we had is that the car was stuffed with ice chests and food, so we didn't have the full space. But we did manage to put 25 in there!

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