Shopping for a bridesmaid dress

My two sisters are my bridesmaids and we thought we had a plan for the what they would wear. We were going to do shrugs, but now we have decided against it. Originally I told them that they could wear different dresses, but now they want to wear matching dresses. My entire world turned upside down. So off we went to look for bridesmaid dresses!

Sister 1 graciously let me take pictures of her at Bella Bridesmaid while she modeled all the latest in bridesmaid fashion. We had a lovely experience there and tried on a lot of dresses.

Both sisters miraculously chose the same dress as a favorite--which one is yours??

[Jenny Yoo]

[I don't remember which designer this is!]

[Jenny Yoo]

[Jenny Yoo]

[Alix and Kelly]

[Jenny Yoo]

[I don't remember which designer this is either!]

[Melissa Sweet]

[Jenny Yoo]

Thanks to sister 1 for modeling!


blushingjoy said...

I like number 4,7 and 8 though 4 & 8 are quite similar. Which ones did your sisters choose in the end??

Naomi said...

My favorites are #4 and #5. They are fun and flirty with class. The long dresses seem to overwhelm.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I'm totally crushing on all the Jenny Yoo ones! Sister 1 looks great in 7 and the last one!

Caitlin said...

For a summer wedding, I think I like #8 the best. It's very flow-y and flattering.

Carlene said...

I like #2 and #3!! You and your sister are so pretty! :)

Mo said...

@blushingjoy: I'll reveal it soon!
@Carlene: Aww thank you!

anna and the ring said...

I love #2. Yummers!

Can't wait to see the decision!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Oh wow, I like number 5! Which is it??

ashley said...

ooh I like number 5!

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